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IE invites you to participate in Nepcon South China Electronics Show

Release time:2018-08-08

In less than half a month, the NEPCON South China Electronics Show for the entire Asian electronics industry will be grandly opened! The exhibition covers SMT surface mount, electronic manufacturing automation, soldering and dispensing, test and measurement, circuit boards, automotive electronics, etc. The exhibition scale exceeds 50,000 square meters, attracting nearly 50,000 people from electronics manufacturing, smart factories, automotive electronics, 3C. Business managers and purchasing decision-makers in popular industries should negotiate business opportunities.

As a manufacturer of testing equipment and smart equipment, IE will showcase high-quality, highly intelligent automation solutions, waiting for customers to come and guide.

3-day exhibition

What will IE show?

Let me take you to find out

Our booth

Building Hall M45

Don't go wrong.

This exhibition

We will show 4 showcases

And packaging and attaching solutions for the panel industry

Let’s give you a spoiler

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