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3D Inspection

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Keyword guide:inspect different stations at the same time to improve efficiency


• Multi-station inspected at the same time.

• The height can be compensated separately according to different acupoints. The equipment is highly compatible.

• 2D&3D results data interface and machine display are obvious, clearly show each product's result.

2D&3D inspection equipment solves the technical problem that the height of the sound film can not be detected due to material reasons. Simultaneous detection of multiple points on one machine, compared with manual operation alone, greatly improves the detection speed and efficiency. At the same time, one machine can replace several operators at the same time, which greatly increases the profit and reduces the production cost for the enterprise. In the data traceability, the tested products can be queried in batches. The detection system has the detection function. It also provides statistics on the NG product image preservation and production data. This provides a reliable basis for the quality department. The overall quality of the product provides the basis for improvement.

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