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Dimension Measurement

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Keyword guide:Capacity: circle time: 60~80ms, or 16pcs/s, high detection accuracy (<1mm)

In the traditional textile and garment industry, for the dimension measurement of fabrics, such as length and width, most of the current practice is still to use random scales for sampling, not only the labor cost is high (one person need 2H to finish manual inspection), and the detection efficiency is low (detection rate is only1.5%). The accuracy of the data is not high, and the data measured by different people is poorly correlated. 

This system takes the measurement of "collar and sleeve" size in knitted fabrics as the main application object, and discusses the new application of machine vision and internet communication technology in the field of "on-line detection of cloth size".

In practical applications, the system is installed in the stacker (stacking speed: 40m/min). On-line detection during the stacking process, with fast detection speed(circle time: 60~80ms,or 16pcs/s). High detection accuracy(<1mm)and other characteristics, and passed Web Service. The communication technology is connected with the production management, real-time monitoring and real-time transmission, and provides “produce data” in the case of mass production, which is convenient for later statistics and analysis.

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